What is the immediate impact and scope of construction?

Asphalt removal and excavation will begin on the west side of the lot as soon as possible, on or after September 10, 2020. Comcast will need to remove a telecom service line buried underneath the parking lot and reroute it through the north side of Kedzie Avenue. It will take approximately two weeks for Comcast to finish the reroute once their permit is granted. This work may cause a temporary disruption of service to local Comcast customers. Residents impacted by Comcast work, will be notified by Comcast. My office and Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation will work with Comcast to identify areas that should not be disturbed until their work is complete. After excavation is complete, caissons and grade beams will be installed. The excavation will be to a depth of approximately 5 feet and length of 300 feet with a width of 110 feet.  

The building will be erected from west to east with precast concrete and other materials to be staged on the north side of the lot for approximately four months. There will also be some material staging to the east of the building bounded by the existing wrought iron fencing.  A sidewalk closure and parking lane closure on Emmett is to be expected once precast erection starts. Precast work can be expected after Thanksgiving 2020.